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Musician: Virgin AU Ruined Instruments

Rocker Jon English is calling out Virgin Australia, claiming the airline destroyed his instruments twice in the last three months. The English-born Australian musician is blaming handlers for smashing his guitar and a keyboard that belonged to one of his band members. The carrier is taking the matter “extremely seriously,” according to a Virgin spokeswoman.

“We will consult with the [music] industry to improve our processes and will take all appropriate action to ensure we remain the music industry’s preferred airline,” she said. English took his frustrations to Facebook, posting pictures of the incident and including a post that was shared over 5,800 times by Monday.




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[Photos: Facebook]

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fotographer January 14, 2016

I have some of those type cases for my camera gear, you have to drop it off a tall building to do that sort of damamge

AlwaysFlyStar January 13, 2016

Just make a (catchy) song on YouTube about it.