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More UK Airports Feature Non-Refundable Trolley Charge

Although the majority of airports in the United Kingdom offer refunds upon returning the trolley after use, there has been an increase in non-refundable airport trolley charges, with one airport charging all flyers using a credit card to pay an extra 40p on top of the £1 trolley fee.

James Walker, founder of consumer website Resolver, said, “It’s unfair that families already being fleeced at airports should have to face yet more hidden charges for trolleys anyone would imagine would be free or refundable.”

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puddinhead August 6, 2017

US - $4 to $5 for a cart with a 25 cent ($0.25) refund if you return it. I've gotten no quarter back so I never return them. Let the next person get a free cart. Only exception is inside the customs baggage claim where they are free.

GlasgowCyclops August 5, 2017

This is common at GVA where people just use the trolleys left by others. They do have someone picking them up. It takes 2chf. However, if you use a euro it unlocks it at GVA and you can pull the Euro back out. Hotel driver showed me this (won't name the hotel) 👏

rickg523 August 4, 2017

What happens is since there's no refund, you just leave the cart where it is after you've used it, don't return it to the corral, and another passenger grabs it. And so on. Haven't paid for a cart in years even though this no-refund nonsense is common practice at US airports.