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Miriam Gonzalez Blasts BA for Calling Girls “Little Princesses”

On Instagram, lawyer Miriam Gonzalez criticized British Airways after opening an in-flight magazine while flying with the carrier, saying that the magazine made her “want to scream.”

A spokesperson for British Airways responded to Durantez and said, “As the airline with the most female pilots in the UK we wholeheartedly agree that stereotypes should be challenged. […] Like Miriam Gonzalez Durantez our female pilots and engineers act as strong role models and regularly visit schools and colleges as part of the airline’s campaign to inspire and encourage more young women to consider non-traditional aviation careers.”

To read more on this story, go to Telegraph.co.uk.

[Photo: British Airways]


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FlyingNone June 28, 2017

Doesn't she have more pressing issues as a lawyer instead of taking out her bad mood for the delay and the other incident where her husband was referred to as Head of household ? What a selfish woman and also pretty daft if she doesn't "get It" that Disney is referring to girls as "princesses" in a complimentary way. She needs to step down a peg (or ten).