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Mile High Club Losing out to the Convenience of Ground-Based Quickies

Exclusive it may be, but a survey by Jetcost has revealed that the allure of sex in the skies is waning.

If the results of a recent survey by flight comparison website Jetcost are anything to go by, the infamous veneer of the Mile High Club might be losing its sordid allure. The results of the study, which polled 4,915 American passengers over the age of 18 who had flown within the last two years, indicated that travelers are swapping sex in the skies for the convenience of a quick romp on the ground.

The results of the study, as reported in the Daily Mail, reveal that one in ten surveyed had had sex before they were airborne. While a meager eight percent were proud members of the exclusive Mile High Club, 42 percent admitted to having intercourse in a public lavatory. Of those surveyed, 28 percent opted for the convenience of an airport cupboard.

In addition to this, 14 percent of survey participants said that they had managed to have sex under a coat while 12 percent somehow had intercourse in the confines of an airport lounge. In terms of getting caught, only 17 percent who had participated in this kind of illicit liaison admitted to being discovered by airport staff.

The results of the survey, which was initially intended to explore how passengers spent their time prior to boarding, may indicate a kind of sea change when it comes to sex in the skies. But while they might be on the wane, these kind of liaisons certainly aren’t on the way out.

Last month, Bloomberg interviewed members of Norwegian’s cabin crew to sniff out the best, worst and most interesting aspects of the role. When it comes to pairing up in the plane lavatory, one flight attendant, named as Ilse, told the outlet, “It actually happens far more frequently than you think. I’d say at least once a month someone tries it, with about a 30 percent success rate.”

But for every successful liaison, there are, of course, a host of spurned attempts: crew are quick to pour cold water on would-be lovers, who, it seems, are normally intercepted, thwarted and sent unceremoniously back to their seats.

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ieuan1 May 4, 2017

http://www.stuff.co.nz/sport/rugby/all-blacks/85015214/star-halfback-aaron-smith-leaves-all-blacks-tour-in-disgrace And I thought it was just international rugby players.....


Airport cupboard? Must be a European thing or... http://blog.sleepinginairports.net/2014/03/25/airport-sleeping-pods/ Sleeping pods!

SeatOfMyPants May 4, 2017

What is an airport cupboard and how do people have access to them??

BillVol May 4, 2017

I don't buy this. I think people tend to exaggerate. That said, I have sex on the plane every time I fly -- after I have it in the lounge on the concourse.