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Mexicana Plans Revival Before New Years Day 2024

Even with a deal to rent commercial aircraft falling through, the new version of Mexicana is expected to launch by the end of December 2023.
Mexico’s first air carrier is expecting a revival before the world rings in the New Year.


Reuters reports the carrier – now run by the Mexican military – is planning to launch new routes despite having an agreement for aircraft fall through.


Revival Plans Calls for Flights with Boeing 737 Airframes

Mexicana was once one of the oldest airlines in the world, before being forced to fold in 2010. The revival of the name will be backed by the country’s government and run using military aircraft.


The company’s goal was to relaunch with as many as 10 Boeing 737-800 airframes by October 2023, alongside another agreement to rent Embraer 145 regional jets. With the deals falling through, the airline will now launch with two military aircraft: A Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737-300.


To keep their operator license, Mexicana will need to take the two aircraft into possession. The 737s are currently being inspected before they can be “delivered” to the airline. From there, the airline will need to determine which “initial” routes will be offered by their target launch date of December 26, 2023.


With the government relaunch, officials in Mexico promised to offer a lower-cost option for air travel than other airlines operating in Mexico. It is unclear where the airline will fly, if they are looking to add international service sooner rather than later, or if they will seek to join an airline alliance.


If the carrier does look to U.S. expansion, Mexicana could be the first new carrier to fly north since the Federal Aviation Administration restored Mexico’s Category 1 safety rating. The FAA downgraded Mexico’s status in 2021, before bringing it back to the highest tier in September 2023.


Feature image courtesy: Aero Icarus/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0 DEED

BC Shelby December 7, 2023

..I remember seeing Mexicana Comet 4Cs at ORD in the late 1960s.  Mexicana was the only North American operator of the famous Birtish jetliner  The Comets were replaced in 1970-71 with 727-200s.  

DenverDean December 7, 2023

While this would be beneficial for the Mexico markets, my personal experience with the airline is abismyl.   The last two times I flew, attempted to fly them, the check in line was so long, I almost missed the flight on one occasion.   The other occassion they were noting your arrival time for the check in line that was about 50 people long, they check in one party in 1.5 hours, then made an annoucement in Spanish ONLY at Denver International Airport, that those in line would need to rebook. I had to find a spanish and english speaker in line to get the announcement in english.  I was three minutes past the arrival cutoff.   My companies travel department was surprised, tried to book me for the same flight the next day.   I responded that I would WALK TO MEXICO CITY before I would fly that carrier.   My company ultimately received a refund for my non-refundable fare

bongodriver December 7, 2023

Will they restore my 1.3 million miles and status?

toxman December 7, 2023

In the past, American carriers have filed grievances against foreign airlines who are subsidized by their governments. How will they react if a government-subsidized Mexican airline starts offering cut rate fares to the US?