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Merkel Travels to the United States on Two Planes After Vowing to Cut Emissions

Behind the scenes at the UN Climate Summit, Sept 23, 2014. Photo: United Nations / John Gillespie

Just days after the government announced a multibillion-dollar plan to help tackle climate change in Germany, reports are coming in that the country’s chancellor and defense minister will be both flying to the United States—in two separate planes, that essentially take off and land at the same time.

Germany is coming under some criticism today for actions that are considered to be harmful to the environment shortly after announcing a $61 billion package to help the environment and tackle climate change. Just two days after the package was announced, it was discovered that Chancellor Angela Merkel and Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer come to the United States for the UN Climate Summit in two separate planes, DW reported. Two different planes to go to the same destination.

Originally the pair was set to fly on one plane together, but a spokesman for the Defense Ministry told the German newspaper Bild that: “In the course of planning this trip, we have made every effort to optimize the use of the aircraft,” DW reported, which apparently means using two planes and harming the environment while concurrently on a mission to save the environment. The flights were apparently determined based on each politician’s schedule, destination and entourage size.

The climate package the country just announced includes cutting carbon emissions in half by 2030, raising gas prices, lowering train ticket prices, increasing subsidies for electric cars, raising taxes on short flights, banning oil-fired heating systems, and closing all coal-powered plants by 2038. Germany is Europe’s largest economy.


[Featured Image: Flickr/ John Gillespie]

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Behindthecurtain September 25, 2019

It’s standard in business. We have a ruling that we can’t fly together risk. And if they are on scheduled flights so what? The planes go anyway!

moeve September 25, 2019

Unfortunately this piece and some of your comments and conclusions are also incorrect. Mr. Merkel and a delegation were heading to New York to the UN while the Defense minister was heading to Washington to meet her counterpart there. Initially the Defense minister was going to hitch a ride and get dropped off in Washington on the way there while taking a regular flight home on the way back because she was returning earlier. As it turned out there were the already mentioned security issues but they would possibly have been ignored had it not been for timing issues which made it prudent to split the two delegations since they were not heading for the same destination..

c502cid September 25, 2019

How Dare They!

Fireflyer05 September 25, 2019

@wh6cto the defense minister is in Washington meeting with the US defense minister. She doesn't attend the environmental conference in New York.

JackE September 25, 2019

Two planes? Just how fat IS she?