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Meal Changes at British Airways Tough to Swallow

The new slim-line menu was quietly introduced on a number of trans-Atlantic BA services last month and has already left some hangry passengers wanting more.

British Airways (BA) announced earlier this week that it would be cutting back on complimentary meal service in its economy cabins, replacing a second meal with a snack for those on flights of eight-and-a-half hours or less. Not surprisingly, this hasn’t gone down well with passengers, who perceive the change as a cost-cutting exercise.

This reduced meal plan made its debut on certain trans-Atlantic services last month and includes a single three-course meal as well as drinks and snacks. While travelers can pre-purchase a variety of meals with the carrier, those relying on BA’s basic complimentary offerings appear to be unhappy with the new catering arrangements.

The snack element in particular appears to have aroused the ire of passengers, who were upset and dismayed to be served fun-sized chocolate bars on a recent New York-bound flight from London.

Speaking to The Sun on Monday, one unnamed traveler on that flight branded the new menu as an “insult” while another called it “…a joke.”

The second passenger went on to explain that “The cabin attendant who served me was clearly embarrassed and when I asked for another [chocolate bar] she said she wasn’t supposed to but handed another one over as she could see I was hungry.”

An unidentified member of the flight’s cabin crew told the paper, “Things all changed about a month ago…The official line is that after a review it was decided to cut back on services…”

The unnamed employee added that the situation is, “…quite embarrassing for us and quite rightly passengers are outraged.”

BA has confirmed that these changes have come about as a result of a recent review of its in-flight meal offerings.

[Photo: British Airways]

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Flyer1M August 18, 2016

Its a race to the bottom. United made a huge splash about bringing snacks back - what they did was bring the S and forgot the nacks.

Gishua August 17, 2016

Another reason to avoid BA. There now is no difference between flying them vs. Delta or American to Europe especially since they tend to be more expensive.

grbauctions August 17, 2016

It sure would be easier on there employees and customer if they would make a announcement about it.

KRSW August 17, 2016

Bye Bye BA! There's plenty of other areas you can cut costs where pax won't notice...