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McDonald’s, WestJet Sign Deal for In-Flight Coffee

Beginning on Monday, McDonald’s coffee will be the only coffee available aboard several WestJet Airlines flights, and the carrier plans to implement the branded coffee aboard all 650 WestJet flights by December 1 of this year. The coffee is also slated to expand to WestJet Encore, the carrier’s regional service.

“We’ve always believed that the sky is the limit for McCafé – and today this officially rings true,” said John Betts, president and CEO of McDonald’s Canada.

“We’re proud that Canadians have welcomed McCafé into their homes and daily routines, and now our partnership with WestJet lets us take this connection to even greater heights for Canadian coffee lovers.”

To read more on this story, go to CBC News.

[Photo: McDonald’s]

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N1120A March 1, 2017

McDonald's has been pushing their coffee product heavily in Canada for a couple years now, trying to break into Tim Hortons' stranglehold. This move makes sense.

AlwaysFlyStar November 27, 2016

Quite interested in the clientele of an airline that considers branding their refreshments with the McDonald's name to be a positive step.

SarcasticMisanthrope November 23, 2016

Are Ronald McDonald and his cohorts going to be FlightCrew now?

jonsg November 22, 2016

Well, there's something to look forward to, then. Better make sure you tank up on Tim Horton's before you board!