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Mayor Forbids Employees From Flying Ryanair on Business


Copenhagen mayor joins Danish cities in prohibiting official travel on Ryanair in stance against “social dumping” policies.

Officials from the city of Copenhagen, Denmark will no longer be flying on Ryanair as a matter of protesting the airline’s employment policies. Danish news website TheLocal.dk reports the new policy was handed down by mayor Frank Jensen, claiming the city expects their service providers to be socially responsible.

The ban revolves around the issues of Ryanair employee wages, as well as a lack of a Danish collective bargaining agreement. As a result, the city will not do business with the Irish-based low-cost carrier, even if the airline offers the cheapest available ticket.

“Here in Copenhagen we have fought hard against the scourge of social dumping,” Jensen said in an interview with a local newspaper, according to TheLocal.dk. “Therefore we require all of those who deliver services to the municipality, including those who would sell us plane tickets, to offer their employees proper salaries and working conditions.”

Copenhagen is not alone in pulling their air travel business from Ryanair. At least eight Danish cities have enacted policies that state they will only do business with companies that have Danish-specific collective bargaining agreements. Ryanair is set to go to Danish court this month to determine whether or not the airline must operate under Irish or Danish law in Copenhagen, which includes the issue of Danish collective bargaining agreements.

A spokesperson for Ryanair claims that the mayor does not understand Ryanair’s employment policies and the city policy shift gives SAS an unfair competitive advantage. “We are surprised by Mayor Jensen’s imprecise comments which don’t take into consideration the fact that Ryanair’s pilots and cabin personnel have high salaries, job security and already have a collective agreement with Ryanair,” Ryanair spokesperson Ronan O’Keeffe said in a statement to a Danish newspaper, according to TheLocal.dk.

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diburning May 20, 2015

I wonder why EasyJet wasn't mentioned? EasyJet operates similarly to RyanAir.

UncleDude May 20, 2015

If RyanAir a really Poor airline why does it fly more passengers than any other European Airline. Its profit aren't too Poor Either. And which airline IMHO has probably the worst short haul Business Class product in Europe...Could it be the one whos' Biggest base is Copenhagen.

celsius1939 May 20, 2015

While I have heard that Ryanair is a really poor airline, the mayor noted here is an idiot.

relangford May 19, 2015

Yeah, "socially responsible" is defined by whatever are the politics of the one making such a determination. Also, support of the local airline might be a - cough - factor.