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Maybe Never Use the Tea Kettle In Your Hotel Room

Some travelers have purportedly been using the tea kettle in their hotel room to wash out their underwear. This practice came to light when an expert weighed in on the questionable practice in a recent Gizmodo article.

The conclusion? Boiling your underwear in your room’s tea kettle does not sterilize it, and it’s probably best to avoid the kettle in your room if you’re unsure of where it’s been.

To read more on this story, go to Gizmodo.

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1StRanger September 11, 2017

But then there are some special "gourmet" teas with duck or panda poop or moth droppings: https://www.forbes.com/sites/megykarydes/2015/09/30/duck-shit-tea-haute-tea/#6fb7733861b1 http://gawker.com/5859434/worlds-most-expensive-tea-panda-poop https://www.amazon.com/Moth-Dropping-Tea-Bags-Pack/dp/B01N1KKX01?th=1