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In Brief: Man Unknowingly Lands on No-Fly List After Walking Off Qantas Flight

A few days after walking off a Darwin-bound Qantas flight last month, Paul Leary, 51, claims he received notice that he was banned from flying with the airline. Leary reportedly walked off the flight from Melbourne because an asylum seeker onboard was protesting and refused to sit down, prompting police response which left Leary and his colleague feeling uncomfortable.

Leary claims he expressed his concerns to the crew politely and caused no disruptions upon leaving the aircraft. Four days later, however, he learned that he’d been banned from flying Qantas when he attempted to return to Melbourne via Jetstar, a Qantas affiliate. Leary has since reportedly filed a complaint with the Victorian Civil and Administration Tribunal’s human rights division, and the incident is currently under investigation by Qantas and the Australian Federal Police.

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weero March 6, 2015

Sounds like Bravo Sierra to me. First, there's no no-fly-list that blatant violation of due process doesn't exist in Oz. He probably had an inflexible fare - which in Europe or Oz usually mean "use it of loose it" - and now tries to work around this with the help of an overzealous reporter. People miss flights with checked luggage all the time. It's no biggie.

MCOGUY March 5, 2015

I wonder if they make an announcement like AA/US before leaving 'This is your last opportunity to leave the plane". If you did for whatever reason are you then black-listed? Makes you wonder.

Centurion March 5, 2015

Did Qantas have to locate and offload his checked luggage? That would explain a lot