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Man Layers 15 Shirts to Avoid Paying EasyJet Bag Fees

Have you ever found yourself at the check-in desk moments before your flight and, much to your anxiety, was informed that your luggage was overweight? We’ve all been there. Some of us succumb to paying the overweight baggage fee to avoid the public embarrassment while others may toss out any “unnecessary” items in haste. 

One take-no-prisoners type of dad, John Irvine, didn’t settle for either of those options – instead, he came up with the solution to layer on 17 pounds (8 kg) worth of clothes. The fact that it was 86 F (30 C) didn’t thwart him when avoiding the easyJet fees. 

His son, Josh, caught the whole ordeal on camera. 

“‘The lassie at the counter asked us if we wanted to pay extra but my dad just looked up at her and said ‘Hen, watch this’ and zipped open the suitcase and quickly flung on about 15 jumpers to help cut down the weight,” Josh told Metro UK

“The staff were in stitches but trying to get through the security was a struggle because they thought he was trying to smuggle something under all his clothes,” said Josh.

Luckily, the easyJet agents had a good laugh and the family went through security – clothing intact.


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Mordor2112 July 12, 2019

Is his kid tweeting in some distant future english? What the heck is that?


Who packs 15 shirts?

TTT103 July 11, 2019

What a yahoo! Tell me this man didn't want the publicity. Either that, or he couldn't afford a $15 hand scale to weigh his bag before the flight.

downinit July 10, 2019

I may need to do the same thing on LH in a few weeks, with their ridiculous 8kg limit on carry-on's. I get a free checked bag, but I will be running late as it is and really do not have time to waste waiting for a bag on my arrival. I only need 3 days worth of clothing, which I can easily fit in a carry-on size bag.

Sabai July 10, 2019

The Steve Bannon look