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Man Claims Ryanair Booted Him Because of Tattoo

A 33-year-old man is claiming Ryanair kicked him off a flight Monday because of his facial tattoo.

The man, Davi Stretton-Mellor, said he confronted the passengers sitting directly behind because they were kicking his seat(s) before takeoff; they reportedly responded by cursing at him.

Later, after falling asleep, Stretton-Mellor said he awoke, and he his family were escorted off the plane – which made an unscheduled stop – at Santiago de Compostela Airport (SCQ) by around 17 police officers.

“I do have a tattoo on my face, a tribal tattoo, and part of me thinks it was discrimination because of that,” he said.

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citygourmande July 25, 2017

a "33-year-old grandfather"...??

Proudelitist July 24, 2017

Uh huh...more details on the "confrontation" please.

amanuensis July 24, 2017

Somehow, I get the feeling that important details of the story are not getting reported by FT. Like what the other people on the plane say happened.