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Malware Infected 250 Hyatt Hotels Worldwide in 2015

Malware in Hyatt Hotels systems could be to blame for security breaches in 2015.

Malware discovered at 250 Hyatt Hotels is responsible for at least one security breach the hotel experienced in 2015. In a letter posted to the hotel chain website, the parent company confirmed traces of the malicious software present at hotels spanning over 50 countries.

The hotel believes the risk period may have begun around July 30, 2015, with the malicious software in full tilt between August 13 and December 8, 2015. The software was not limited to the front desk of the hotel, but rather may have breached all point-of-sale terminals, including restaurants, golf shops and spas. As a result, guests’ names, credit card numbers, expiration dates and internal verification codes may have been exposed to hackers.

In the United States, nearly 100 hotels in 26 states were exposed to the malware. Around the globe, hotels in popular destinations including France, Germany, the Maldives and the United Kingdom were affected by the malware attack. All of the affected hotels have been listed on the hotel’s website.

“We worked quickly with leading third-party cyber security experts to resolve the issue and strengthen the security of our systems in order to help prevent this from happening in the future,” Chuck Floyd, global president of operations at Hyatt Hotels wrote on their website. “Please be assured that you can confidently use payment cards at Hyatt hotels worldwide.”

Those who may have all of their personal information breached are being contacted by the hotel chain. In addition, the hotel is offering one year of identity protection service for anyone who may by affected by the security breach. The hotel did not disclose how many guests were potentially at risk.

Hyatt Hotels experienced at least two data attacks in the past year. In April, 200 Gold Passport accounts were hacked, draining points from guests. In December, the chain acknowledged the latest malware attack, becoming the fourth international chain to be targeted by hackers in 2015.

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