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Madonna Flies TAP Air Portugal, Surprises Passengers

Passengers on a delayed flight to Lisbon were shocked when pop star Madonna left the plane from an economy seat.

Madonna fans on a TAP Air Portugal flight to Lisbon earlier this week had a dream come true when they discovered the pop star herself had been siting in an economy seat unnoticed for the duration of the flight, until it was delayed with a diverted landing.

The flight left Heathrow en route to Lisbon but due to weather concerns, the plane needed to stop and refuel in Porto. Madonna had been flying with her agent, and when the plane landed in Porto, the two got up and headed to the front of the plane, where they waited until they were allowed to get off—with all of Madonna’s Louis Vuitton luggage in tow.

“We’d been on the ground for about 20 minutes when I saw her assistant speaking with crew members at the front of the plane,” a passenger told the Daily Mail. “Then I noticed all this Louis Vuitton luggage being carried past me down the aisle too. And Madonna literally walked by me. I couldn’t believe it. She had no make-up on but I Googled her and I discovered that she’s recently bought a place in Lisbon, so her being on the flight suddenly made sense. I thought to myself ‘Madonna is on my flight!’ She looked tired as she sat and waited at the front of the plane for about half an hour. I could barely see her face, she was constantly turning away or hiding her face in her scarf. She didn’t say or do anything while her agent was on her phone. Madonna was just sitting and waiting. Then she got off the plane and I saw her get onto an airport bus. I’d heard her agent saying that her car was waiting out front—they must have meant outside the airport.”

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AlwaysFlyStar December 6, 2017

Are the articles on FlyerTalk really necessary? If you are writing as a columnist on a frequent flyer forum, at least know a little bit about airlines. The airline in question is TAP Air Portugal. And I don't know what would give you the impression that it is a 'budget airline.'

irishguy28 December 6, 2017

I'm not sure TAP would like being called a budget airline.