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Lyft Pink Offers Priority Airport Pickups

Lyft has unveiled a premium service that could offer some relief for those tired of long waits at the airport for a pickup. With Lyft Pink, customers will be matched to a driver that is located in close proximity. The service costs $19.99/month and offers a 15% discount on unlimited rides.

For Lyft users tired of waiting around at airports, the ride-sharing company has announced that it will soon be offering a premium service that will give passengers the relief of a faster pick up. Costing $19.99 a month, Lyft Pink offers a 15% savings across a selection of unlimited rides and priority airport pickups.

For those who opt for this premium level of service, the latter feature means that waiting passengers will be matched to a driver in close proximity. However, in a set of FAQs on this premium service, it advised that “This perk does not apply to airports where Fast Match is available such as PDX, MDW, SAN, and LGA.”

In a blog post, Lyft has said that this membership is geared toward customers who use the service at least twice a week.

Offering its comments on Lyft Pink, the company said, “Lyft is committed to improving people’s lives with the world’s best transportation. We believe cities should be built for and around people, not cars — that means fundamentally changing the way people think about getting around their cities. We’re shifting from personal car ownership and moving society toward transportation as a service — and Lyft Pink is one step in that shift.”

Those looking to access the service can register their interest here.

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