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You Can Totally Make Your Home Smell Like An Airport

If you just can’t get over the intoxicating aroma of the most recent airport you were in, you’re in luck — a number of airports and airlines are creating bespoke scents they spray throughout the airport to help travelers relax and have good memories of the time they spent waiting for their flights.

Forget that alluring new car smell. Now, your entire world can smell like an airport. But that doesn’t mean the scent of sweaty travelers irritated with long lines and wait times. It’s actually something more relaxing. Many airports have created bespoke scents they spray throughout the common areas in order to help travelers relax and enjoy their time at the airport. Some airlines do it, too, spraying their scent throughout gate areas.

At Singapore’s Changi Airport, the custom scent is a mix of orchid, Damask rose, Asian spices, and calming essential oils. It’s available to purchase in the gift shop of Jewel, the airport’s new shopping and entertainment area with the world’s largest indoor waterfall, so you can take it home and relive your time at the airport in your house.

California’s San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport also has a special scent, evoking memories of relaxation like the time you went to the spa.

“Honestly, we borrowed the idea from the hotel industry, where many properties have branded scents that welcome guests to the lobbies,” Kevin Bumen, director of the airport, told CNBC. “[When we opened,] we decided one thing we could do was to add scent in the ticketing areas and in bag claim. Those are the first and last areas passengers’ experience, and they can be points of stress and confusion. So we tested several fragrances and chose a spa-like scent that conveys the idea that the airport is fresh and clean and relaxing.”


[Featured Image: Singapore Changi Airport]

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Long Zhiren August 2, 2019

How about a good whiff of jet fuel?

amanuensis July 29, 2019

Perhaps the SLC one will have the special "Lake Stink" scent that you can usually only get when the wind blows just right. https://www.deseretnews.com/article/573762/Utahs-Lake-Stink-smells-of-unstoppable-bacteria-decay.html

DBCubix July 29, 2019

I'll wait for the EWR scentsy.