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“Love Suites” Coming to Virgin Atlantic A330-200

The Virgin Atlantic Upper Class will offer three new experiences for flyers aboard their incoming Airbus A330-200 aircraft, including the “Love Suites.” Those in the front of the cabin will have their choice of connected Love Suites, the room of a Solo Freedom Suite, or the privacy of a Solo Corner Suite.

When Virgin Atlantic introduces the Airbus A330-200 aircraft (that formerly flew with Air Berlin )into service in March 2018, flyers will have a new product to look forward to: a flying “Love Suite.” The airline announced that three new suite products will come to their Upper Class section when the new aircraft begin operations.


Image Source: Virgin Atlantic

Although the seating arrangements hold a rather ubiquitous name, don’t expect couples to get amorous in these new suites. Rather, the Love Suite is a pairing of two business-class seats in the middle aisle, ideal for traveling companions to maintain contact with one another. According to the airline, the Love Suites are targeted towards couples or colleagues to dine together, watch movies or stay productive.

For those feeling a little shyer, the window seats are broken up into two different kinds of suites. The Solo Freedom Suite is a spacious suite with unobstructed aisle access, along with extra space near the window to stretch out. The Solo Corner Suite is a recessed business class suite that offers more privacy and a direct view from the window.

“The Upper Class cabin introduces three new styles of seating,” Phil Maher, vice president of operations at Virgin Atlantic, told Travel and Leisure. “As well as extra touches such as a barista-style coffee menu and free Wi-Fi messaging.”

The relaunched suites will come with other upgraded features, including an improved amenity kit. The new suites will be featured on routes flown by the carrier out of Manchester to Barbados, Boston, New York and San Francisco.

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chrisboote February 8, 2018

Same layout as BA and Alitalia, no?

petrogradian February 3, 2018

Flew the AB seats 18 months ago. I'm 6'1", and these seats are ~6" too short to actually sleep flat in them. Cute branding won't make them any more comfortable. Better plan would be to update *all* their business class seats to a consistent, modern level rather than having a motley set of seats that are at least a half a generation behind all the competition but BA.

Efrem February 1, 2018

This might be new to Virgin, but it looks exactly like the arrangement that Alitalia has used in its A330 "Magnifica" business class for years.

February 1, 2018


durlockminster February 1, 2018

Looks suspiciously like the BA Club world seating arrangement to me!