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Loud Music Got Rich the Kid Booted From a Flight

On March 20, hip-hop musician Rich the Kid was escorted by police off of a Delta Air Lines flight after because he was listening to music too loudly in the cabin shortly after the aircraft touched down at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). A flight attendant allegedly asked him to lower the volume, a request that Rich the Kid refused as he became belligerent, calling the flight attendant “rusty.”

The musician has not been charged with a crime, but was reportedly given a lecture by local police about obeying airline regulations and respecting fellow passengers.

To read more on this story, go to HollywoodLife.

[Photo: Instagram/richthekid]

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swm61230 March 22, 2017

He should be fined for disobeying the flight crew. I don't care who you are..... Disrespect to the flight crew and or passengers should not be tolerated.

MaalFreeKaa March 22, 2017

yes you are right to action