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Look, Qantas’ CEO Got a Literal Pie to the Face

While speaking at a business brunch in Perth, Qantas’ CEO Alan Joyce received a pie to the face courtesy of a seemingly disgruntled man. The wrongdoer was apprehended and arrested soon after the incident; no announcement has been made on if he will be charged.

For more information on this story, visit news.com.au.

[Photo: News Corp Australia]

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Sydneyberlin May 11, 2017

Thanks Ollie, couldn't agree. A cowardice homophobic attack it was and nothing else. Qudos to Alan Joyce for pressing charges!


What an absolute hypocrite. A premeditated stunt by an out of touch hypocrite. He feels so 'strongly' that he hid for 2 hours? Really? He felt so 'strongly' that he provided a false identity to the police? I am not a huge fan of Qantas nor Alan Joyce. However, now the motivation for the incident is known, it's good that the Qantas CEO Alan Joyce intends to press charges. I hope pie pan and his encouragers have deep pockets to defend his actions 'cos he 's going to need them. If anything this has raised the issue and profile of how backward, cowardly and measly mouthed the Australian government is on the whole issue of marriage equality and gay marriage. The party in power are 'Liberal' in name alone.