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LGBT Air France Flight Attendants Want to Avoid Iran

Due to Iran’s classification of homosexuality as a crime punishable by death, LGBT flight attendants working for Air France are resisting flying to the country with the airline. A flight attendant known as Laurent M. has started a petition titled “Gay stewards from Air France don’t want to fly to the death penalty in Iran,” requesting that Air France give LGBT flight attendants the ability to refuse service to Tehran. The petition is addressed to Air France CEO Frederic Gagey, as well as the French Ministry of Transport, and has gained over 2,500 signatures.

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[Photo: Air France]

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djjaguar64 April 15, 2016

I have said before, Air France should employ a complete moslem crew as France has a huge burka wearing population, and this will provide them employment and solve the problem.

AlwaysFlyStar April 14, 2016

Given that they let women choose, and a large percentage of male cabin crew are gay, surely they should just make this a voluntary destination for everybody...