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Legacy Carrier Considering “Economy Minus” Class


Conversations with unnamed legacy carriers and current evidence suggest that economy seating could become even more restricted with “Economy Minus.”

Frequent flyers know the main difference between regular economy and enhanced economy is legroom, but is a new economy class with even less legroom on its way? Aviation experts believe that an “Economy Minus” class could soon be coming to a legacy carrier near you.

Yahoo! Travel reported on the “Economy Minus” seats based on conversations between Runway Girl Network and airlines at the 2014 APEX Expo in Anaheim, Calif. The conversations suggest at least one undisclosed legacy airline is considering adding an “Economy Minus” class to its aircraft. One unnamed legacy airline’s plans for “Economy Minus” would focus around seating with a maximum pitch of 30 inches. The airline did not go into detail on other rumored cuts that may follow, such as charges for carry-on items.

Downgrading the basic economy experience is nothing new for airlines. For instance, starting on February 1, 2015, Delta Air Lines’ Basic Economy tickets will be non-refundable, unchangeable, prohibit advance seat selection and same-day standby, and be ineligible for paid upgrades.

If the move to “Economy Minus” happens, the seating would mirror the offerings of many domestic low-cost carriers, such as Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines. It would not be the first time a legacy carrier has borrowed an idea from a low-cost carrier, either. An annual report released earlier this year found legacy carriers are bringing in a larger portion of their revenue from ancillary costs, such as on-board food offerings and luggage fees, than low-cost carriers in the U.S.

With no carrier stepping forward to claim the idea, there’s no telling when or if “Economy Minus” will end up on an aircraft.

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alphaod October 17, 2014

Well whatever this airline is, they're not getting my money.

wanaflyforless October 17, 2014

With all three legacy US airlines already offering 30" pitch economy class and many major international airlines offering less than 30" pitch economy class today - how is this newsworthy at all...much less worthy of a new moniker of "economy minus"? 30" seems like too much for an economy minus product. Some of the economy seats on Iberia Express, Spirit, Finnair, Thomson, THAI, and Thomas Cook Airlines are 28" seat pitch - without calling it economy minus. If you are going to call it economy minus I would think 28" would be enough. I wouldn't be happy with 28" but I am not the target market. IMO, if you are going to have 3 economy products: Economy Minus: 27" - 28" Economy: 32" - 33" Economy Plus: 36" - 38" Regular economy is already 30" on some seats from all three US legacy airlines. According to seat guru: United Airbus A320 (320) V3 Seat Pitch: 30" United Airbus A319 (319) V2 Seat Pitch: 30" American Airlines Airbus A319 (319) Seat Pitch: 30" Delta MD 90 Seat Pitch: 30" - 31" Other airlines have 29" pitch on some of their aircraft including Turkish Airlines, SAS, Hainan Airlines, and airberlin. Some of the largest world airlines including Lufthansa, KLM, British Airways, Air China, Lufthansa, JAL, Qantas, Korean Air, and Aeroflot all have some of their economy seats with only 30" pitch (and don't call it economy minus).

Nitehawk October 16, 2014

Air Canada Rouge?

DL2SXM October 16, 2014

I'll bet my paycheck this is none other then United Airlines.