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Leaked Photos Purportedly Show Alaska Airlines’ New Post-Merger Livery

Top Secret photographs of a Boeing 737 with a sharp new paint job might give an indication of how a combined Virgin America and Alaska Airlines will look.

A spy in the ranks may have given the flying public a first glimpse of the new Alaska Airlines livery that celebrates the recent acquisition of Virgin America. Leaked images of a brightly painted Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 have taken social media by storm with generally positive feedback.

If genuine, the leaked photograph that is making the rounds on Instagram and Twitter represents a departure from Alaska’s tried and true look. Yes, the tail of the plane still features the iconic Eskimo logo that has graced the carrier’s aircraft since the 1970s. The bold color scheme, however, trends decidedly towards a Virgin Airlines aesthetic. The final result is a striking effect that subtly blends the easily recognizable Alaska Airlines blue with the Virgin America flair for bright reds and pinks.

The seamlessly combined new livery features the tagline “More to Love” – a possible nod to the Seattle-based carrier reaching a final agreement to purchase Virgin America for more than $2.5 billion. Alaska officials told the Puget Sound Business Journal that the airline was aware of the images circulating on social media, but refused to “either confirm or deny” the authenticity of the photographs.

The airline might not be ready to celebrate its victory in the bidding war with JetBlue for the right to take over Virgin America just yet. Department of Justice (DOJ) officials have still not approved the merger. Federal regulators reportedly have lingering antitrust concerns about the acquisition, which might be reason enough for Alaska to try to keep a lid on the new paint job for a little while longer.

[Photo: Instagram/@diecastjames]

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edgewood49 November 8, 2016

There was an article on line that reported that the DOJ is moving to approve the merger. AS will have tossed the DL agreement, and lessen the AA agreements. Interesting. So is there an full pledged Alliance coming ?