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LAX-Bound ANA Flight Erupts in Violence at NRT

A new video shows a possibly intoxicated passenger violently wailing on another flyer as flight attendants and fellow travelers try desperately to separate the combatants.

A violent episode unfolded on Monday onboard an All Nippon Airways flight due to depart Tokyo Narita International Airport (NRT) for Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). After a nearly two-hour delay, a US citizen was arrested for his part in a brutal attack on a fellow passenger.

All Nippon Airways says that it is believed that the alleged instigator of the incident had been drinking prior to boarding the flight. According to an airline official, at least one employee was slightly injured during the passenger’s ferocious rampage.

“The gentleman was screaming and he attacked three passengers before a third intervened,” ANA spokesperson Nao Gunji told the New York Post. “Our flight attendant tried to intervene as well. He had to be physically taken out of the cabin for everybody’s safety. He met three of our ground staff and continued being violent.”

A professional cameraman happened to be on-hand for the episode, capturing the bizarre outburst on video and later posting it online. Corry Hour explained to his Twitter followers that video of the disturbing incident stops abruptly because he felt compelled to stop filming and step between the attacker and a passenger apparently attempting to defend himself. After the two passengers were finally separated, the outrageous flyer then reportedly tried to attack yet another female passenger at random.

Before Hour put down his camera, he managed to capture the out-of-control flyer pummeling a nearby passenger who desperately tried to block repeated punches. The victim can be heard shouting “This guy is crazy!”

The video quickly became a viral and mainstream media sensation. Hour says that since he posted the video on social media he has been contacted by “CNN, ABC, Fox, BBC, CBS and every single news station worldwide.”

The Boston-based cameraman-turned-hero reports that he is still at a loss to explain why his fellow countryman suddenly turned aggressive. “As of now and after speaking with the other passengers the motive for why he did this is still UNKNOWN,” he wrote in an update following the rather eventful journey. “None of us have any idea why at all.”

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ioto1902 May 4, 2017

Alcohol is never an excuse. It should be a circumstance aggravating a case.