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Laverne Cox’s Encounter With the TSA

Orange Is the New Black Star Laverne Cox called out the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on Twitter Saturday after reportedly experiencing an “unsafe” pat-down at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS). “Just cried during my TSA pat-down and watching folks go through every inch of my property,” Cox wrote. “It’s deep how unsafe I felt so that we could all be ‘safer.’” The TSA has faced controversy in recent months as several transgender flyers have come forward, claiming the security checks performed by the Administration’s employees are humiliating.

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[Photo: VIBE Vixen]

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weero January 29, 2016

I feel more for the TSA inspectors who get no warning and have no say. They are just following up on alerts of irregularities identified by the scanner and are supposed to accommodate all modern sensibilities of rapidly changing gender politics. I guess that a female agent was forced to perform the pat down?

alphaod January 28, 2016

So you like getting touched by strangers?

celsius1939 January 27, 2016

I never heard of her before this, but she needs to get a life. I am closely patted down every time I travel. I have a pacemaker and a replaced knee. So what? She will never see that person again so why make a big deal of it. Deal with it or do not travel.