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LaGuardia Traffic Creates Nightmares for Flyers

Frustrated flyers take to walking to terminals after detours stop traffic.

Flyers attempting to depart out of New York’s LaGuardia Airport (LGA) may want to arrive in walking shoes, after many report up to an hour-long traffic jam heading into the airport. With a litany of complaints posted on Twitter, some have even taken to walking down Grand Central Parkway to arrive at the airport.

The trouble began on Sunday, August 7, when the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced a new traffic flow into the airport. Coming into the airport, cars are now directed one of two directions on Runway Drive, depending on which terminal they are going to.

The detours are part of a modernization program that began earlier this year. As part of the reconstruction, LGA will receive a new Terminal B building, as well as pedestrian walkways to unify the airport.

However, the new pattern has not been necessarily friendly for flyers. With three parking lots closed to incoming traffic, some have reported taking up to an hour to arrive at the airport through the traffic jam entering the new pattern. This has left some flyers utilizing an official pedestrian path from 94th street, to even abandoning taxis to walk down Grand Central Parkway into the airport.

Proponents of the airport revitalization plan were quick to criticize the Port Authority for the problems. One of the groups claim that both the airport operators and contractors have not communicated changes effectively, causing the problems.

“[The groups] have had four years to plan for this and need to do a much better job of communicating to the public, and promoting transportation alternatives,” Joseph Sitt, chairman of Global Gateway Alliance, told The Wall Street Journal.

Officials for the project consortium of contractors advised flyers to monitor Port Authority websites and social media accounts for traffic information and updates. Those working on the project ask for patience, as temporary roadways which will alleviate traffic problems will be installed this fall.

“Even though they’ll be temporary roads, we’ll see those improvements as we go along,” Richard Smyth of the Port Authority, told The Wall Street Journal.

[Photo: NBC New York]

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monvoyage August 26, 2016

OMG, Monday was a nightmare. My friend had ordered a car, which took 30 mins to get to us and then another 30 just to exit the airport. I plan to take the subway and Q70 when I depart, but don't know if the bus has a way around the traffic, special lane, etc. Wondering if the MTA trip estimate of 40 mins is real or wishful thinking!

BusTrav8yrs August 25, 2016

It still is fairly easy to get to and out of the Delta terminals

Dianne47 August 24, 2016

I won't be flying into or out of LGA until the mess is finished. That could be years...

horseymike August 23, 2016

The ny way . Don't get me wrong , lots of great people in ny, but what these so called officials think about delaying travelers and drivers is unbelievable until you experience it.