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Labor Union: Airport Catering Staff Don’t Have Air-Conditioned Trucks

According to a report by Unite Here, a labor union representing the hospitality industry, conditions for airport catering employees are brutal – including no air-conditioning in trucks during 100-degree weather.

“LSG Sky Chefs orders most of its new trucks without air-conditioning to cut costs,” said Unite Here in the report. “In other cases, the company has disabled or removed air-conditioning units from its trucks.”

A spokesperson for LSG Sky Chefs, a catering firm, commented that “As a practical matter, air conditioning in delivery vehicles provides little benefit if drivers spend most of their time outside the cab of the truck, as is the case with our drivers.”

To read more on this story, go to Forbes.

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arcticflier August 31, 2017

I heard a rumor that the baggage handlers lack A/C as well.