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KLM Passenger Stabs Himself Before Turning Weapon on Co-Pilot

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A chaotic scene aboard a KLM flight ended with the first officer and one passenger wounded after the “confused” passenger allegedly began wielding a sharp weapon during the flight.

Details are emerging about a disturbing incident on a KLM flight from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) to Beijing Capital International Airport (PEK) this past weekend. The Daily Mail is reporting that an unidentified Chinese national on the flight attempted to harm himself in the plane’s lavatory before stabbing the flight’s co-pilot in the galley of the aircraft. Eyewitnesses have told media outlets in the Netherlands that the disturbed passenger used what appeared to be a knife or piece of broken glass in the attack.

The alleged attacker was eventually restrained by fellow passengers and remained secured to a seat until the plane was able to land at PEK. No fewer than 15 police officers boarded the plane to remove the reportedly “confused” passenger when the aircraft reached the airport.

“On Sunday, January 3, on board flight KL897 en route for Beijing, a confused passenger locked himself in the toilets and inflicted slight wounds on himself,” KLM officials confirmed in a statement to reporters. “He then slightly wounded the co-pilot in one of the kitchens in the cabin.”

KLM officials downplayed the bizarre incident, stressing that the flight was never in any danger. The airline said that the wounded pilot received medical treatment when the flight landed in China and has since returned home to the Netherlands.

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