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Stay at Home Challenge: Re-create a British Airways Meal at Home

Jed's Band 3 dinner with chocolates as a bonus.

What’s an avgeek to do when they can’t reach 30,000 feet? If you’re a FlyerTalker and a British Airways fan, come join us! We’re re-creating in-flight meals on British Airways with whatever we have at home. And, in some cases that includes seats, drink carts and small bottles of champagne.

The contest will continue until April 13th. Want to enter? Re-create a British Airways meal, take a photo, submit it on the Stay at Home challenge page.

Contest Rules:

  • It’s OK if you “borrowed” some of your items from previous British Airways flights
  • Have other British Airways goodies? Add them to the shot, we love to see them!
  • Tell us a little bit about your setup in you post.

The Prize:


Need Inspiration? Here Are Some of Our Favorite Submissions so Far:

CPH-Flyer made an entire cottage pie, à la BA.


photos of the original in-flight meal that inspired the re-creation.">

Oaxaca’ contribution: “Never thought I’d miss Band 2 dinners” which is accompanied by photos of the original in-flight meal that inspired the re-creation.



TRISTAR1979 wants you to know that “I know what you are thinking… There are to many olives on that salad and the portion of Thai Green Curry would feed a complete row, but this is my wishful thinking meal.” Check out the rest of the album here.


RoyalSwazi’s creative Ikea/British Airway’s mashup.


HIDDY’s vintage cup from economy on the GLA shuttle or WT.


From T8191 who could not find any J cloths for the photo but managed to put together a bread plate!


Prospero’s extended breakfast.


Jed’s Band 3 dinner with chocolates as a bonus.



Want to see more? Head to the Stay at Home Taksmaster thread.

AJNEDC April 7, 2020

Is this an April's Fool Day joke? Satire? Is British Airways known for its gastronomic excellence? Really?

David Gordon April 7, 2020

My cooking always tastes like airline food. Either it's too salty or bland. Of course it's loaded with carbs and fat to put me into nap mode.

DeltaFlyer123 April 7, 2020

These airline meal recreations remind me of a nightclub in Montreal, in my college days circa 1970, on the top floor of the Place Ville Marie office tower, which happened to be 737 feet above sea level. The club was called, appropriately, Altitude 737, and all the windows were shaped like airplane windows. But the food was not as good as airline food, in those days.

rmc007 April 4, 2020

The Vatican has a virtual airline "Rapture Air"---Book now, first class and one-way only. Wait for the boarding call with grace.