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JFK Opens “The Ark” Luxury Pet Terminal

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) is debuting The Ark, a 178,00 square-foot luxury service for arriving and departing pets focused on luxury-hotel levels of care and preparation. The Ark will also feature a $100 nightly rate for flyers who made need to leave their pets at The Ark for an extended stay. Amenities for pets include human-sized beds, flat-screen TVs, and staff to attend to them around the clock.

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[Photo: ARK Development LLC]

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payam81 March 16, 2017

I can never understand this fascination with enslaving animals as "pets" and then showering them with what humans precieve as "luxury". Even the most 'cultured' dog/cat/pet monkey is at the end of the day a dog/cat/pet monkey. Show me a potty trained dog or other pet and then you've got my attention.