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Jetstar Apologizes After Arthritic Child Suffers “Uncomfortable Flight”

Capri, five, was returning from Bali to Australia with her family when she was denied the use of an inflatable cushion to help alleviate her pain.

Australian carrier Jetstar has apologized after a young girl suffering from rheumatoid arthritis had an “uncomfortable flight” from Bali to Sydney due to being denied the use of an inflatable pillow in order to alleviate her pain. The incident occurred late last week when Capri, five, was returning to Australia with her father, Michael McCarthy and his partner, Amy Lorraway, reports Nine.com.au.

McCarthy, who wanted to use the cushion to elevate his daughter’s legs during the course of the flight, had queried the airline’s customer service team multiple times regarding bringing the item onto the plane. He was informed that the item was permitted and told the outlet that there had been no issue with taking the pillow onto the flight from Sydney to Bali.

“The staff on the way over were having fun and games with my kids and we were having a laugh. No-one said ‘boo’ about it,” McCarthy said.

However, as McCarthy explained to the website, staff on the return flight to Australia appeared to take issue with item. At this point, he was told that the cushion was a safety risk and was asked to deflate it.

“The lady was very rude about it and my daughter was in pain the whole flight home crying because she had her legs crouched up on the seat. And I just had to bite my tongue because I didn’t want to cause a scene but really thought it was ridiculous,” McCarthy said.

His daughter, he added, suffered considerable pain in the day following the return flight from Bali.

Jetstar issued a statement to the outlet regarding the incident. “We apologize to this family and young girl for the uncomfortable flight she had with us. Our crew had the safety of this family and other passengers in mind when they asked them to remove the inflatable cushion,” a spokesman said.

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J S April 17, 2017

Why can't they just say: "We are really sorry. This was a mistake. We will speak with the crew involved so that it doesn't happen again. As a gesture of good will, we have sent Capri an upgrade certificate for her next flight with us." Instead, we get this ridiculous reference to safety which negates the actual apology.

skidooman April 16, 2017

Safety or power trip? Really?