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JetBlue’s Latest Guarantee: Families Fly Together

JetBlue is the latest U.S. carrier to add a customer service policy that allows families to sit together without the need for pre-purchasing seating assignments.
Another airline is making it fee-free for families to sit together when they fly aboard their aircraft.


JetBlue announced a formal family seating plan effective immediately, eliminating the need to purchase seating assignments for children 13 and younger.


New Seating Policy Applies to Families Traveling with Younger Children

Prior to the policy, there were no guarantees that adults would be seated next to their children. Although efforts would be made to keep families together on the aircraft, the computer could assign a seat for a child across the aircraft from their family member.


The new policy applies to all fares, including the airline’s Basic Blue fare. Anytime a flyer purchases an itinerary which includes a child 13 or younger, they will be seated with at least one accompanying adult when seats are available. For fares purchased within 24 hours of travel, seats will have to be manually assigned at the airport.


“We know traveling with young children can add challenges, and we want to do everything we can to put parents and families at ease by providing a smooth trip each time they choose JetBlue,” Joanna Geraghty, president and chief operating officer of JetBlue, said in a press release. “This enhanced family seating policy reflects our commitment to continue to meet the needs of our customers and provide exceptional service.”


JetBlue’s move follows other carriers who have prioritized family seating aboard aircraft. United Airlines was the first to formally introduce a family seating policy in February 2023, followed by American Airlines a week later.


JetBlue says the new policy is a new addition to their 16-year-old Customer Bill of Rights, outlining what options flyers have if their flights are delayed, cancelled, and when compensation is due for flights.


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FlyingLikeAB6 September 29, 2023

I just wish parents would take responsibility for their actions. You had a child, if you want to sit next to that child then book your flights early enough to do so just like the rest of us who would like a specific seat. If that's not for you then go fly SWA.

WillCAD September 28, 2023

So it's not a "families will be seated together" policy, it's a "minor children will be seated with ONE of their accompanying adults" policy. Which is still a good thing, but there will inevitably be people screaming their heads off because mom and one kid are in 16A-B but dad and the other kida are in 23E-F. "WE ALL NEED TO BE TOGETHER FOR THIS TWO HOUR FLIGHT TO ORLANDO YOU'RE MONSTERS FOR SPLITTING US UP!"