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JetBlue Will Now Require Passengers to Wear Face Masks

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As airlines continue to create new policies to implement social distancing and promote onboard safety, such as keeping the middle seat empty, JetBlue has become the first U.S. airline to require passengers to wear face masks when they travel.

JetBlue Face Mask Policy

Beginning Tuesday, the carrier announced that all passengers would be required to wear a face mask when traveling, including check-in, deplaning, and everything in between. Although forcing passengers to wear face masks is not an FAA regulation at this time, JetBlue saw the need for its new policy as a means to keep everyone safe. The airline’s president and COO, Joanna Geraghty, said in a statement, “Wearing a face covering isn’t about protecting yourself; it’s about protecting those around you. This is the new flying etiquette. Onboard, cabin air is well circulated and cleaned through filters every few minutes, but this is a shared space where we have to be considerate of others.”

Will Other Airlines Follow?

Although airlines such as Delta, American, United, and Frontier, have started requiring their flight attendants to wear face masks inflight, that requirement has not yet been forced on to passengers. Instead, they are encouraging travelers to follow the guidelines presented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for face coverings. However, some unions do not believe this is enough.

The Association of Flight Attendants has written to the U.S Transportation Secretary and the Health and Human Services Secretary asking them to mandate flight crews and passengers alike be required to wear face masks. However, it appears the federal government is leaving it up to the airlines to make that decision. In response to the union, U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said, “We are encouraging the unions and the management of the airlines to talk to one another, and we are also participating in bringing them together and talking about these issues.”

What do you think about JetBlue’s new policy? Should other airlines follow suit? Let us know in the comments!

Silver Fox April 30, 2020

12-18 months of the financial apocalypse is not sustainable until, so the experts tell us, they find the magic pill. I hate to say it but at some stage someone is going to have to make that hard decision that says "right, herd immunity it is". I'm quite happy to catch it and take my chances, I'm not willing to live the rest of my life having to wear latex gloves, face masks, or whatever else they ricochet between while not coming up with a joined up solution across the globe.

RossUK666 April 30, 2020

Presumably they don't allow eating and drinking on their flights?

craig44485 April 29, 2020

Looks like I won't be flying JetBlue if ever I was given the opportunity. Like others have asked, will JetBlue be providing the facemasks? If you are required to bring your own, will there be a standard required for them? Will there be a charge for them, will they up charge or sell at cost? Maybe a new source of revenue now, free standard masks for elites, top tier elites get N95 masks for free, but for a fee, anyone can purchase either a standard or N95 mask, with the airline logo and colors proudly printed on each mask as an additional source of advertising.

kaley1kt April 29, 2020

Definitely will make me less likely to fly. Until the airlines commit to completely cleaning and sanitizing a plane between flights, this is (no pun intended) masking the true issue instead of addressing it. most people don't wear masks correctly, and I see few being able to wear them for hours at a time without pulling them off of their noses or faces which render them completely ineffective. Additionally, unless the airlines are going to be handing them out on every flight it is also not truly effective. Plus how is somebody supposed to eat and drink on flight if they're expected to cover their face? a puddle jumper maybe, but for any flight over an hour I don't see how this is going to be effective in the long run.

Morgacj2004 April 29, 2020

This is a personal choice and I will do my best to avoid flying on an airline that requires one. My wife wears a mask I usually do not. You can find medical / research opinions on either side. This should be left up to the individual airlines. The idiotic FA Union should focus on their members safety and stay out of passenger rights and policy matters. The other day the head of the FA Union was telling everyone not to fly while the members were complaining about the economic impact on their lives! Definitely a mis connect going on here