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JetBlue Passenger Removed From Flight After Outburst

A woman was recently removed from a JetBlue flight after freaking out on the plane and screaming about how it was going to crash and everyone was going to end up “in the water” — the incident caused the plane to make and emergency landing in Florida and the woman was taken to have a medical evaluation.

A JetBlue flight from the Dominican Republic to New York City had an unexpected emergency landing earlier this week thanks to a passenger who was screaming about the plane crashing. The flight diverted to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in Florida to remove the woman from the plane before continuing on to New York.

Another passenger captured part of the incident on their cellphone and shared it in a now-deleted post on social media.

“You don’t believe me!” the woman screamed as she was being escorted off the plane by a Federal Air Marshal, 7 News Miami reported. “It’s gonna crash! You guys believe me, it’s gonna crash! Look at your monitors! We’re in the water!”

The plane was already on the ground when she had that part of her outburst. Once safely escorted off the plane, the passenger was taken for a mental health evaluation.

This wasn’t the first incident of a passenger being removed from a JetBlue flight this year for an outburst. Earlier in the year, a woman was removed when she started yelling about having to sit next to a three-year-old. That passenger admitted to drinking all day, which spurred the incident.


[Featured Image: Twitter/JetBlue]

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