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JetBlue Looks to “Disrupt” Trans-Atlantic Business Travel

JetBlue Airways is the sixth largest airline in the United States. A discount airline, JetBlue is headquartered in New York City and currently flies routes in the United States and between the US and Latin America as well as the Caribbean. Now, the airline has announced it is eyeing expansion to Europe.

JetBlue Airways is teasing the addition of flights between the United States and Europe. Though the airline has not officially announced added routes, CNBC reports executives have been eyeing a European expansion for the last two years, and that they think they have just the ticket to break into the trans-Atlantic market with their business class offerings.

While JetBlue is generally known for its discount prices, it would not follow in the steps of low-cost airlines like WOW Air and other carriers who have enticed customers with sub-$100 fares. Instead, President and COO Joanna Geraghty, says, the airline sees its Mint business class offerings as key to conquering the trans-Atlantic market. “When we think about trans-Atlantic, we do think we can disrupt largely around a Mint-like product,” she stated at a recent industry conference, adding that Mint has been a proven success for passengers “flying to the West Coast.”

Mint features lie-flat seats, free entertainment and dining options, and suites with doors, and is currently available on select coast-to-coast and Caribbean flights. TripAdvisor gave it the Travelers’ Choice award for Best Business Class in North America this year.

Offering business travel between the U.S. and Europe would put JetBlue in direct competition with larger legacy carriers, a move that aviation consultant Samuel Engel tells CNBC other airlines would not take lightly. “Don’t expect the incumbents to take JetBlue’s European holiday peacefully,” he warned.

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thefareguru October 8, 2018

closecover, they have probably been warned about the perils of flying into the Canadian market. Remember that their founder, David Neeleman, could not work for 5 years for airlines that would compete with Southwest after he sold them Morris Air. He spent that time starting up Westjet in Calgary and using what he learned there when he started up Jetblue. Note also that Southwest does not fly to Canada.

CO FF October 5, 2018

Mint is the best transcon product in the air, IMO. And according to Airbus's website, the 321neo can fly to JFK from as far away as Sarajevo. I could easily see them rolling out markets like BCN, FCO, BER and VCE -- staying away from the prime business destinations, and trying to start slowly...

freqflyer39 October 4, 2018

SF1K states that the fares "East Coast to Europe shouldn't cost much more than East Coast to West Coast" but that fails to take into consideration the European Carbon-Based Flight ticket tax that can add hundreds to the cost of a trans-atlantic ticket.

Danwriter October 4, 2018

UA-Flyer: Nowhere does the article indicate Jet Blue would be going "all Mint." I'm sure they're talking about a J cabin in addition to Y. And I'm all for it. A $6,000 J seat and a $600 Y seat less than 10 feet from each other is insane. A market ready for disruption.

RSSrsvp October 4, 2018

We all know that if B6 entered the Trans-Atlantic Business market the legacy carriers would drop their pants and wage a fare war. That should put a big smile on every FT'ers face!