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JetBlue Harnesses Power of AI to Help Passengers Book Their Perfect Cruise

New York, USA - April 23, 2012: Airbus A320 JetBlue tailfin with Mosaic design on John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, NY on April 23, 2012. JetBlue aircraft features one of several tail designs. This mosaic pattern was created in 2005 and inspired the name for the TrueBlue Mosaic program - the frequent flyer program. (Photo: iStock)

The low-cost carrier has unveiled its collaboration with CruisingStore, an online booking platform. JetBlue believes that this partnership will help to offer its passengers a more customized and cohesive travel experience, allowing them to book flights and more in a single digital space.

JetBlue has revealed that it will be collaborating with online cruise booking platform CruisingStore to offer its passengers a more customized and cohesive experience in planning their vacations. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), JetBlue believes that this collaboration will enable travelers to book flights and more in a single digital space.

“The ‘intelligence engine’ technology takes JetBlue’s already robust cruise travel site to a new level, identifying cruise vacations that meet a customer’s budget, destination preferences, and other activities. Over time, the platform will evolve to further evaluate what matters most to travelers, providing even more customized options,” the carrier explained in an official statement.

The airline added that, CruisingStore, which will launch this month, “aims to innovate the cruise vertical with a more advanced, customer-focused and supplier-friendly cruise shopping experience.”

Marty St George, executive vice president, commercial and planning, JetBlue, offered his comments on the launch, saying, “AI is changing how we travel and our goal is to be at the front of the curve. We’ve already incorporated artificial intelligence into vacation planning and now our partnership with CruisingStore means customers will quickly be able to find the cruise that’s right for them and book their flights all in one place.”

Dwain Wall, chief executive officer of CruisingStore, spoke of his excitement at collaborating with JetBlue. Praising the carrier as “an innovator in the travel space for many years”, he added, “We have worked hard to create a solution to the many long-standing and intractable execution challenges facing the cruise and airline industries and with CruisingStore.com, we are pleased to have that solution now readily available.”

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htb January 28, 2018

For a moment I thought they're partnering up with Air India...