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JetBlue Begins Selling London Flights to Heathrow and Gatwick

JetBlue will launch their trans-Atlantic service in August with flights from John F. Kennedy International Airport to both of London’s major airports: London Heathrow Airport and London Gatwick Airport. Tickets are on sale now, with fares starting at $599.

The highly anticipated JetBlue service from New York to London now officially has a launch date: August 11, 20-21. In a press release, the airline announced they would begin flying from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) to both of London’s major airports by the fall of 2021, with roundtrip fares starting at $599.

Heathrow Service Starts Aug. 11, 2021; Gatwick Service Begins Sept. 29, 2021

With more flyers getting vaccinated and flights between the United States and the United Kingdom anticipated to be open by June 2021, the airline is confident they will be able to welcome their first international flyers by the fall of this year. Service to London Heathrow Airport (LHR) will begin on Aug. 11, 2021, while flights to London Gatwick Airport (LGW) will start on Sept. 29, 2021.

“The pandemic has opened doors to London’s two busiest airports, and we look forward to bringing customers low fares and great service at both Heathrow and Gatwick,” Robin Hayes, chief executive officer for JetBlue, said in a press release. “JFK-LHR, the single largest international air travel market from the US, has long suffered from outrageously high fares for far too long, especially in premium cabins. We’re ready to change that with a price point and experience that will impress even the most discerning transatlantic flyers.”

Both routes will be served by JetBlue’s new Airbus A321-Long Range airframes, featuring the redesigned international Mint product. Announced in February 2021, the 24 premium cabin lie-flat seats feature mattresses from Tuft & Needle, a larger in-flight entertainment screen and more storage space for personal items.

Seats for both London routes are now on sale, with economy cabin fares starting at $599 roundtrip and Mint seats starting at $1,979 roundtrip. The next city to get connected to London will be Boston Logan International Airport (BOS), with JetBlue anticipating service beginning by Summer 2022.

New London Service Part of Larger Post-Pandemic Expansion

The London launch date coincides with JetBlue’s larger expansion across North America, with a focus on “Visiting Friends and Relatives” cities. In addition to a major expansion in 2020, JetBlue announced in April 2021 they would start flying to Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada by the summer of 2022.

MrALIG June 14, 2021

Clearly the flight can get across the Atlantic. However, pricing in October/November seems to be more than twice the price of BA and Virgin in economy (they are very cheap at around £300 return) and around 50% more in business. Not sure how they expect to get business with these prices.

nm761 May 23, 2021

@Dr. Ellis, and what makes you suggest that this plane cannot make it across the ocean?

PHL May 23, 2021

The A321LR has a range similar to a 757-200. Getting to London from NYC is doable, but on Westbound flights with strong headwinds there could be a fuel stop somewhere around Bangor. JB has also ordered A321XLR that has more range, as well.

SamirD May 21, 2021

What the real question is--will they have even more pax causing flights to have emergencies.

BC Shelby May 21, 2021

@ Dr.Ells ...BA has operated an A-319 from JFK to LCY.. It does need to make a technical stop in Ireland on the westbound flights . JetBlue will be using A321 LRs which do have a 7,410 KM range more than sufficient. In contrast, the Concorde's range was actually less at 7,222 KM. Yes the A-321 LR is fully capable of handling the route.