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Jet Lag? NASA Has an App for That.

Did you know that jet lag gets worse as you get older? Well, travelers, we can finally say “There’s an app for that” for jet lag; a new app uses data from NASA to create a screen-based solution to try and curb everyone’s least favorite travel accompaniment—the app gives you a “light” schedule to help.

NASA knows that jet lag can really screw a person up. The astronauts on the space station face a constant rotation of sunrises and sunsets, leading to a completely wacky sense of circadian rhythm. But they came up with a solution: take in bright light at certain times and avoid it at others.

Now, the everyday airline passenger can take advantage of NASA’s knowledge with a new app called Timeshifter. The app was based on the NASA plan and is designed to help people recover from jet lag as fast as possible. Here’s how it works: you put in your flight details, say whether you’re a morning person or night person, and make a mention of your sleep patterns. Then, voila—the app gives you a personalized jet lag plan to help you acclimate.

Timeshifter will tell you when to get bright light, when to sleep, when to find darkness, and more. The suggestions are designed to be easy to do and take little time.

“If you sit inside of a plane and it’s dark and you need to see bright light, all you need to do is look at an iPad or watch a movie or do some work,” Mickey Beyer-Clausen, Timeshifter’s CEO, told WIRED. “If you’re outside in the sun and you need to avoid light, you just put on your sunglasses. It’s very easy to be compliant with, and it’s only a few hours a day, depending on how many time zones.”

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kkua November 7, 2019

Just look out the plane window… if there’s sunlight, don’t sleep. When there’s daylight, do not nap for more than 2 consecutive hrs. Simple as that.

Hermione60 November 7, 2019

One word: Melatonin. Easy, painless, perfect.

HMPS November 6, 2019

Take 2 strong sleeping pills before god ng to bed for first 3/4 days. So you WILL sleep good part of night time. Then 5/6 day take one and a halg pill and so on. You will get back on track without much stress.

Jackie_414 November 6, 2019

Earth to Zarkov, Earth to Zarkov!

redanman November 6, 2019

I'll be looking at it as I just downloaded it to my phone. Generally I am very good with Jet Lag. However right now, after 29 hour day with several mishaps getting home only to the east coast from Paris (8 hours in MIA, the Centurion was a hell-hole that day), coupled with DST/ST change, an old deaf cat meowing every 60-90 minutes, several early rises for (...) I am not back on time after a 2 days.UGH, worst ever, deffo looking at it.