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Jet Airways Passenger Dies After Allegedly Being Denied Medical Assistance

Relatives of Mohammad Afroz Ahmed, who were traveling with him at the time of his death, say that cabin crew failed to offer him medical attention and oxygen while he was having a cardiac arrest. Jet Airways have refuted these claims, but the family’s account is supported by an eyewitness.

A passenger on a recent Jet Airways flight died of cardiac arrest after he was allegedly denied medical attention, the Hindustan Times reports. The incident occurred on Sunday, January 21st, onboard Jet Airways Flight 9W376, which was traveling from Delhi to Mumbai. The passenger has been named as 53-year-old Mohammad Afroz Ahmed.

Mr. Ahmed was traveling with three members of his family at the time of the incident and his relatives say that he was not provided with medical assistance and oxygen during his cardiac arrest. They have accused the crew of the flight of negligence, but Jet Airways has refuted these claims and insists that Mr. Ahmed received immediate attention.

The eyewitness account of passenger Sakshi Bharadwaj, who was seated near Mr. Ahmed, supports the family’s account of the incident.

“I learnt about the passenger’s discomfort when his nephew seated next to me started turning behind to check on his uncle. The passenger kept complaining about uneasiness and asked for oxygen which was not provided to him. Moreover, the crew kept serving food to passengers. An announcement for an on board doctor was made late,” she said.

“Until then, I had performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the passenger with no help from the crew,” Bharadwaj added.

In an official statement, the carrier gave its account of the incident, saying, “A guest on the Jet Airways flight 9W376 from Delhi to Mumbai developed a medical condition on January 21, 2018. The crew immediately attended to the guest, who was also examined by a doctor traveling on the flight. Jet Airways crew undergo extensive (first-aid) training … The airline and its crew followed the established protocols for on board medical situations.”

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djjaguar64 January 30, 2018

Serving curry was more important then a dying passenger!

frobozzelectric January 26, 2018

Is this an instance where insurance will take care of those who survive the man? Not even 60 he probably was still supporting a family.

Jeannietx January 25, 2018

There is certainly a discrepancy between family and the flight crew. I've got to go with the eye witnesses, and especially Mr. Bharadwaj who seems to be the only one who tried to save Mr. Ahmed other than his family.

chrisboote January 25, 2018

Just saying "Yeah, we did help him" is in no way refuting the claim Let's see cabin footage