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Jennifer Lawrence Commandeers Flight Mic, Leads Unsuccessful Chant

In an allegedly amusing and quirky stunt, actor Jennifer Lawrence grabbed the microphone aboard a flight on Sunday and announced her name before attempting to lead the cabin in a “fly, Eagles, fly” chant due to the Philadelphia Eagles’ win at the Super Bowl.


Lawrence went on to riff on a “colonial woman on the plane” before being asked by flight staff to put the microphone down.

To read more on this story, go to Entertainment Weekly.

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GlasgowCyclops February 7, 2018

DYKWIA moment

pony_trekker February 7, 2018

I would crawl a mile through broken glass to eat the peanuts out of her pee.

Dave510 February 6, 2018

Jennifer Lawrence is apparently an actor. I never knew.

mczlaw February 5, 2018

Who's Jennifer Lawrence and why should I care?