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Japan Airlines Flight Lifts Off During a Typhoon

Video footage shows a Boeing 737-8 taking off from Hokkaido’s Asahikawa Airport (AKJ) in the midst of a raging typhoon in the area. The death-defying flight was posted to Facebook soon after.

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[Photo: Facebook]

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fedup flyer August 20, 2016

Doesn't look like much of a typhoon to me. Maybe a stout crosswind but that is about it.

kulflyer August 18, 2016

Wow... Why would you even want to risk something like that???

jonsg August 18, 2016

Looks impressive, but it's just crabbing into wind. I wouldn't mind betting the crosswinds were on the plane's (or Captain's) limits, though.

payam81 August 18, 2016

787 has proven to be an amazing performer.

JC5280 August 18, 2016

That plane is gonna need a new set of tires. And get the Co-Pilot a new set of undershorts while you are at it. :)