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Japan Airlines, ANA Introduce “Customer Harassment” Policies

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After a string of incidents involving poorly behaved passengers, two Japanese carriers are introducing a code of conduct for all flyers to follow.
Two major Japanese airlines have instituted a “customer harassment” policy, after an increased number of incidents between passengers and airline crews.


CNBC reports Japan Airlines and All Nippon Airways have jointly introduced a new code of conduct for flyers to follow, with penalties ranging from a warning up to police activity.


Harassment Defined as Abusive Language, Assault, and Deception

The two airlines introduced the new code of conduct after a rising number of abusive behavior incidents aboard the carriers. Together, both Japan Airlines and ANA identified nine different actions which constitute harassment, which include:


  • Abusive language, insults, and slander
  • Threatening words or actions
  • Assault
  • Deceptive activities
  • Sexual harassment


Although the two airlines share the same harassment values, each of their approaches is different. ANA will add several additional definitions of harassment to their policy, including stalking and indecent behavior, while Japan Airlines will require employees to go through harassment training to learn how to deescalate the abusive behaviors.


Passengers who demonstrate harassing behaviors will face a number of increasing penalties, depending on the severity of their actions. Punishments range from warnings, all the way to denied boarding and police intervention.


While unruly behavior is on the rise in Asia, unruly passenger incidents in the United States are on a steep decline. To date in 2024, the Federal Aviation Administration received only 893 unruly flyer reports – significantly down from the high in 2021, where the agency received over 5,900 incident reports.

masmadrid July 9, 2024

Let me guess. "if you do not lower your voice, you will be denied boarding" is a statement of fact not a threat, while "if you don't get me on that flight, I will lose my temper" is considered a threat. 

IkarosBOS July 7, 2024

As a flyer in F from the US who got stranded without any ground transportation-together with another 200 pax- to sleep the night in CTS on the floor,  with not a single airline or airport person assisting or giving information only outrage got me a ticket back to the US the next day amidst their indifference disguised as kindness. I would have never expected this to happen in a place I previously considered the beacon of civilization and customer service.

DirektornSE July 6, 2024

how are US reports relevant here for an international ariline like ANA? 
Also arilnes are not under japanese law unless they are in japanese teretory, not sure why that has not been mentioned. 

zitsky July 4, 2024

Are these flyers from the USA or from China? What is "Deceptive activity"?

SamirD July 4, 2024

So all the rowdy flyers are now in Japan--got it.  lol!