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Italian Hoteliers Incentivize Guests Who Conceive at Properties

Hotels in Assisi participating in the Fertility Room project will reimburse couples who can prove that offspring were conceived on the property.

In an effort to bolster both local tourism as well as the national birth rate, a group of hotels in the central Italian town of Assisi is offering a free stay to couples who conceive at any of the properties taking part in a local initiative known as the Fertility Room project.

Translated from the original Italian, the project’s website reminds would-be guests and visitors that, “The low birth rate in our country is one of the most significant problems that social policies will have to face in the coming years.”

The site goes on to explain that any couples who stay at any of the participating venues around the city will be eligible to have the cost of their accommodation reimbursed as long as they can provide a birth certificate to prove that their offspring were indeed conceived at a Fertility Room hotel.

The project explains that the operator of each property will “customize and enrich” couples’ rooms with the aim of making the guest experience at participating hotels “as interesting as possible”

According to the latest statistics, only eight children were born for every 1,000 residents of Italy in 2015. At present, the country has the lowest birth rate in the European Union (EU).

While the project is intended to make a positive impact at the local and national level, some have found the aim of the initiative to be questionable, if not downright distasteful.

In a statement originally issued in Italian, Claudio Ricci, regional director for Umbria, the locality in which Assisi is situated, said that he was actively considering if the Fertility Room is, “appropriate for the public image of Assisi and the promotion of the region.”

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