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Is It OK to Play Bag Police On A Plane?

Is It OK to Play Bag Police On A Plane?
Meg Butler

If you disagree with the way someone is doing things on a plane, is it OK to pipe up and give them instructions?

What if you’re in this “Bag Police” situation brought to us by PAL62V in the British Airways forum:

Currently sitting one row behind Exit row OSL-LHR. Late arriving passenger in that row has trouble finding space in overhead locker.

The woman already in the same row starts playing Bag Police and begins by announcing that since exit row must be kept clear, pax with bags (quite large bags) nearby who have filled the lockers will have to take them and place them in front in the floor.

People understandably beginning to get annoyed with her and I finally told her to let the CC sort it as it’s not her job and there will be space in other areas. It’s not even her bag for crying out loud.

She gets very cross, quietly calls me a dick and then denies saying it when I question her aloud. Almost a DYKWIA. She’s now sitting quietly with husband after p-ing off a few of us – oh and CC amazingly found space.


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  1. rthib

    June 24, 2018 at 2:09 pm

    Sounds like you were playing bag police police. If it is not my bag, it is not my problem. Let FA take care of it and lady who is complaining. Now if she was trying to move my bag, I would say something.

  2. arcticflier

    June 22, 2019 at 5:12 pm

    +1 for Non-involvement. Let FA work it out. When PAX start giving orders to other PAX then the risk is rapid escalation and removal.

    Sounds like that plane had more than one Nosey-Nellie.

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