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“This Close” to 2020 Status? Delta May Let You Buy It

Delta Air Lines is allowing SkyMiles members to buy medallion status if they haven’t flown enough to make status. Lots of SkyMiles members are reporting that they got the e-mail, but is purchased status worth the price?

Being “this close” to status can be a frustrating experience. To help take some of the sting out of coming up short on flights, Delta Airlines is offering some frequent fliers the opportunity to guy their status in a targeted e-mail.

“Experience the Medallion (Price and Time) Difference”

So, what kind of investment are we talking about? One FlyerTalker was offered the 12,500 Medallion qualifying miles and 18 Medallion qualifying segments for $1,399. The purchase price would be applied to their Medallion qualifying dollars balance – allowing them enough to make it to Medallion Silver status for 2020.


Another was offered the same–12,500 Medallion qualifying miles and 18 Medallion qualifying segments applied to their Medallion qualifying dollars balance– but, this time, for $1,599.

“The nonlinear price increments are interesting and a bit surprising,” writes longtime FlyerTalker MSPeconomist. “In fact, if someone is taking the offer, it could make sense to buy as many [Medallion qualifying miles] as possible for rollover since 2500 [Medallion qualifying miles] for $100 is a very decent four cents per mile price for a hub captive.”

One of the other confusing aspects of this Delta overture is that many are getting the e-mail even though they already have status locked in for 2020. FlyerTalker CKDGM received their buy-up option one day before Delta acknowledged their earning Diamond Medallion Status. The got a second offer e-mail 12 hours later shows me as Platinum Medallion with a price tag of $2,999 for 5,000 MQMs, 9 MQS, and 2,999 MQDs. But “I’m not actually eligible now that I’m a Diamond Medallion.”

“Would Love to Understand How They Come Up With That”

Even with the various options, the attached price is too high. Many are passing, either sticking with their earned status or looking for alternate ways to earn their Medallions.

“I have 130,000 Medallion qualifying miles but I’m just shy of $5,000 Medallion qualifying dollars short for Diamond Medallion,” writes FlyerTalker fliesdelta. “My offer was to buy Diamond Medallion for 2020 for just shy of $5,000. No, thanks. I expect to once again finish the year as a Platinum Medallion with a large amount of rollover Medallion qualifying miles.”

“Diamond Medallion isn’t even remotely close in value to $5000,” writes new FlyerTalker Manleyp01. “Would love to understand how they come up with that. I received fewer upgrades this year as a Diamond Medallion than I did 2 years ago as a Platinum Medallion, and using global upgrade certificates and regional upgrade certificates is a joke.”

For those who are debating purchasing status, FlyerTalker sydneyracquelle may have a better idea: “A new Delta American Express Reserve business or personal card for 10,000 MQMs seems like a bargain for $450.”

Are you buying your Delta Sky Medallion status for 2020? Share your thoughts in the FlyerTalk forums!

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OMSHH November 7, 2019

Regarding the last paragraph wherein you quoted FlyerTalker sydneyracquelle saying “A new Delta American Express Reserve business or personal card for 10,000 MQMs seems like a bargain for $450.” You don't get the 10k miles simply for paying the card's annual fee of $450... You only "Earn 10,000 Medallion® Qualification Miles and 40,000 bonus miles" AFTER "you spend $3,000 in purchases on your new Card in your first 3 months".

oh912flyer November 6, 2019

Mine was Platinum also for $1999. Which happened to be my shortage on MQD. But I have the Amex waiver. Oh, and I have a trip to Hawaii already booked and paid for that would take me over 75k MQM. I think these prices are leaving DL with a lot of egg on their faces this year...

jamesteroh November 6, 2019

If someone is paying $5K for 5K MQD's to be diamond, they may as well take a short trip in paid J instead. If someone is able to use the SWU's however, paying $5,000 could still be a good deal, two flights in J international will be a lot more than $5,000, however the big IF is being able to use the SWU's.

RSSrsvp November 6, 2019

Correct me if I am wrong but the Delta AMEX Reserve card will only give you MQM’s and not MQD’s which are still part of the equation.

mnfilmer November 6, 2019

I got my offer to buy up to Platinum for $1999. I have a few flights and I will make Platinum without them soaking me for 2grand.