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Investigation Launched After EasyJet Flight Lands on Wrong Runway

Low-cost British carrier EasyJet is under investigation after one of its flights made a landing on the wrong runway at a Pisa airport last week. Though it was given permission to touch down on another runway, the flight, EZY1847, landed on an adjacent, closed runway that is used exclusively for taxiing aircraft.

The airline reports that the safety of its flyers wasn’t compromised, but the National Agency for the Safety of Flight (ANSV), Italy’s aircraft accident watchdog, said it is investigating the incident.

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Sydneyberlin January 12, 2016

Love how they always claim that 'the safety of passengers wasn’t compromised' while in reality they've been just damn lucky that no one got hurt. It landed at the wrong, closed (!) runway, how does this not compromise the safety of passengers!