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Internal AA Memo: Main Cabin Extra Flyers Can Reserve Bins

According to an alleged internal American Airlines memo, the carrier will begin allowing customers flying “main cabin extra” to reserve use of overhead bins.

“One of the biggest frustrations for travelers is the boarding process,” said blogger Brett Snyder. “There’s this need to get on board quickly solely because of the desire to make sure there’s room in the overhead bins for carry-on bags. American Airlines is taking the pressure off those passengers.”

To read more on this story, go to Q.

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Madison Guy January 30, 2018

Totally misrepresented by this "reporter." Read the link. Check AA website. MCE for non-status pax START at $20 for the seat. The new bins are simply labeled for MCE pax (without FA enforcement) - they are not "reserved" like a seat.

milesandmoremiles January 29, 2018

poorly put together article and Ryan’s “reporting” is just aa bad.

SDQBound January 29, 2018

The information posted here is misleading. My interpretation of the new policy (according to the image in the referenced blog) is that AA is adding the same perks that Delta already offers in Comfort+: Dedicated bins for MCE passengers and free drinks. The memo nor the blog says nowhere that "Customers will be able to reserve use of overhead bins in exchange for a $20 fee".