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Watch: EasyJet Engine Fixed With Tape Moments Before Takeoff

After viral video emerged of an engineer fixing an engine issue on an aircraft operated by EasyJet, several aviation industry writers have weighed in, claiming that the fix used by the engineer is perfectly in keeping with repair practices for temporary repairs.

“The type of tape [here] is a high-tech metallic tape, and it is used only for the temporary repair of superficial components – fairings, coverings, and the like. The idea of a plane ‘having its engine taped up,’ or anything similar, is absurd,” said Patrick Smith of Ask The Pilot, one of many writers who weighed in.

To read more on this story, go to Independent.co.uk.

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Allan38103 December 6, 2017

Ryan, What happened to the former headline that it was :"duct ape".? Did you fact check the story and change it?

chx1975 December 5, 2017

People don't understand how strictly EU (USA, Canada, Australia...) airspace is regulated. If you think apply that tape didn't go through nine levels of approval processes and doesn't get documented up the wazooo...