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In Brief: Woman Finds Prostitute Using Her AirBNB Rental as Brothel

An Australian woman who lists her home on AirBNB recently discovered she loaned her property to a prostitute, who used it as a brothel. Suspicions about the guest were raised when, just hours after checking in, a consistent stream of men entered the home. Concerned neighbors reportedly contacted the owner, who was under the impression her “guest” was on holiday.

The prostitute reportedly departed after the home owner confronted her. Although the home owner tried to file a claim with police, authorities told her they would not pursue an investigation because they could not definitively prove any illegal activity occurred.

For more information on this story, visit Daily Telegraph.

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weero July 6, 2015

I wonder which State that happened in. I was under the impression that this line of work doesn't require explicit consent of the landlord in most Australian States and cities.

HomerJay July 2, 2015

She did not "loan her property" to a prostitute. She rented her property to a prostitute. I hope she hired a reputable firm to disinfect the place, and would strongly urge that she NOT use a black light in the bedroom, because what she sees might work her last good nerve.