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In Brief: “It Must Be Overpriced **** Cause It’s an Airport” — BACONGATE 2015

A traveler at Edinburgh Airport (EDI) took his frustrations to the Internet recently after purchasing an expensive breakfast sandwich that fell short of expectations. The man shared a photo of the stingy snack, which contained very small potions on an egg and bacon, via Reddit.

“spambox” — his Reddit handle — claims he paid £3.20, about $5, for the sad looking breakfast at an EAT branch. Several commenters jokingly claimed the egg was so minuscule it must have been laid by a hummingbird.

“I never asked for a refund as I figured it must be overpriced **** cause it’s an airport,” spambox wrote. “The part that made it worse was that they told me to take a seat and they’d bring it over. The only empty table was clearly empty because it hadn’t been cleaned for what appeared to be weeks and then after 15 minutes I had to go back and ask where my roll was which they had totally forgotten about.”

An EDI representative has since issued an apology and told The Scotsman: “Clearly this is not the service we should be providing, and we will be addressing this complaint with EAT.”

[Photo: Reddit]

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itsMoe July 2, 2015

I'm sorry, but can we maybe dial back the sensationalist titles just a tad bit? This is basically clickbait reporting.

drvannostren July 2, 2015

No idea what EAT is, but that's not even egg, that's like the piece of the egg that got cut off during frying. It's egg runoff.

chris19992 July 2, 2015

He went to an EAT branch, that's his mistake right there. Minimum barely edible food for maximum price.